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8th Edition Coming Soon!

Stay Tuned!  The 8th edition of the Invisible College is on its way!

We will be exploring Art, Occult, Entheogens, Poetry and the Event Horizon!


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The Invisible College 7th Edition Is Available!

7th edition web

The 7th edition cost $18.25
$4.54 Shipping & Handling to addresses in the US
$8.49 Shipping & Handling to addresses in Canada
$9.51 Shipping & Handling to Europe, Australia & rest of the world

Magazine With Shipping:

Magazine w/Shipping

Use This If You Are Buying Other Items As Well:

Magazine w/Shipping

A journal exploring the Emerging World Culture, Poetry, Visionary Arts, Interviews, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Entheogenic Investigations, Spiritual Adventures laying the ground for the society of tomorrow.

The Invisible College Magazine 7th Edition is full of wonderful art, writing, commentary, poetry & reviews.  110 pages, free of all advertisement!

Included inside is a cornucopia of delights:

Jim-Harter Jim Harter‘s article on Johfra (Johfra Bosschart) explores the fantastic art and career of perhaps the apex of Surrealist & and Visionary expression in the last century. As a collage artist and painter Jim has wandered the world in search of enlightenment and images. He is an “image archivist,” a self-defined profession which has produced fifteen major collections of engravings and rotogravures from the seventeenth through the early twentieth centuries for Dover and several other publishers.

bruce pic Bruce Rimell is a visionary artist based in Leeds-Bradford in the UK whose vibrant work springs from the alchemy of his own personal visions, sensations of archaeological or mythological prehistories, and migraine experiences since childhood. Rendered in a vivid style which as much recalls Aboriginal textures, Mayan codices and Minoan frescoes as it does graffiti art, psychedelic experience and surrealist forms, his art occupies a space somewhere between painting, drawing and illustration, and a time somewhere between the ancestral past and the shamanic future.

mike-webMike Maki’s article, “I was born for these times” completes his tale begun in the 4th edition, where he penned “The Flowery Path: One Man’s Journey” in which he wrote about his involvement with Entheogens etc., which leads to this… Mike was arrested in 2011 for the sale of psilocybin bearing mushrooms.  He is now in custody serving his sentence out in Federal Prison.  This article goes deeper, much deeper.

alan-webAlan Piper’s “Gabriel Rossetti and the Secret History of Europe” talks about the connection of secret societies and the arts in early 19th century Europe. Alan’s examination of Gabriel Rossetti is well researched, and the net that he cast turns up all kinds of interesting information across a wide spectrum of disciplines.  Alan joins us for this issue, and hopefully for more along the way!

David-Aloria webFrom our featured artist Aloria Weaver & David Heskin we have a wonderful journey exploring their artistic partnership. As part of the Visionary School, Aloria & David express some of the finer modalities of the movement. Their use of colour and playfulness are very captivating.  They are now involved with the founding of The Vienna Academy of Visionary Art!

Michael webMike Hughes “Invocation of the Incisor Part 1. is the beginning of a series of tales he will bring to The Invisible College over the next few issues. There are two short stories in his first offering, and we think you will be delighted with his tales.


NemoBioPhotoNemo Bocko brings his unique art to this edition; exploring the occult & the erotic aspects of the visionary world. His take on art is in stark contrast to the mainstream of the visionary school, he brings humour, and hidden streams to the forefront.


NovalisWe have another outing with Novalis, (Georg Philipp Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg) the German Hermeticist who died at an early age, but whose writings & poetry have inspired generations of hermeticist, and other seekers since his passing. We feature his “Hymns To The Night” in this edition.


Some of the Art for the 7th Edition!  Lots more inside!






Additional art works provided by Beau Deeley, Jim Harter & Gwyllm Llwydd in this edition.

Beau Deeley explores the fractal universe in a very unique way, and Jim Harter brings us his superb collage works once more.

All in all, The Invisible College Magazine 7th Edition is an intense exploration of art, consciousness & poetry. A magazine for the cultural renaissance of our times.

 Quannah, The Prophet


curly kew

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7th Edition Soon:
Jim Harter – Jophfra: A Tribute
Aloria Weaver & David Heskin
Bruce Rimmell
Nemo Bocko

Alan Piper – Gabriele Rossetti And The Secret History Of Europe
The Short Reviews
& More!

Stay Tuned!

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Shameless Promotional Products!

Well, we have broken down and added a T-Shirt for The Invisible College due to the clamoring of the masses!

Check out our John Dee T-shirt, John Dee, the founder of the original Invisible College back in Elizabethan times.. Be the first in your neighborhood to wear one!

At the present the t-shirts are available in the US only. (at the present time)
Sizes: Men: Small/Medium/Large/X-Large/2XL/3XL
Women: Small/Medium/Large/X-Large/2XL
Colour: Black
T-Shirt Price: $15.00 (2XL & 3XL 17.00)
Plus 5.00 Shipping & Handling


Men – Sizes Plus 5.00 Shipping & Handling


Women – Sizes & 5.00 Shipping & Handling

Truly, you cannot live without this T-shirt, or The Invisible College Magazine! Surrender Dorothy, we have taken Kansas!

“What you seek is seeking you.” — Rumi

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I have phrases and whole pages memorized,
but nothing can be told of love.
You must wait until you and I
are living together.
In the conversation we’ll have
then…be patient…then.

From Essential Rumi
by Coleman Barks

Cost of The Invisible College 6th Edition:
The 6th edition cost 16.40
$4.99 Shipping & Handling to addresses in the US
$8.39 Shipping & Handling to addresses in Canada
$11.68 Shipping & Handling to Europe, Australia & rest of the world

Invisible College 6th Edition With Shipping

Magazine w/Shipping


Magazine w/Shipping


(The Invisible College 6th Edition may also be purchased at Amazon.com.)
Our first advertisement video, assembled for our release of the 6th edition:

Invisible College Teaser from The Invisible College on Vimeo.


Check Out The PDF Here!
(This is an excerpt, not the full content. This issue is over 100 pages in total, without any advertisements!?
Introduction To The 6th Edition:

So, The Invisible College has a new location/home.  This happily coincides with our publication of  The 6th Edition of Invisible College Magazine.

This has been a fruitful collaboration, Involving some of the most interesting artist and writers we have had the pleasure to be associated with.  With wide ranging articles, excellent poetry and art work, this edition of The Invisible College continues in the exploration of the emerging culture’s artistic, intellectual and spiritual consciousness.

Magazine As Illuminated Manuscript:
One of the earliest influences art-wise on our publisher/editor was the Illuminated Manuscript. We have tried to bring an element of this to The Invisible College, and especially to the 6th edition. You will find our contributors art work to be absolutely top notch, as is the rest of the content. Their works are nestled upon layers of images lovingly and painstakingly attended to, and placed to evoke a sensory rush of delight.

Advertisement Free:
No, Really. No Advertisements. Just Content. Nothing to tie you into the consumption dance, no matter how neat the items/concepts are. We are not here to market to you, or sell your email or addresses to someone else. We are here to deliver this, just this; a magazine, a journal, a concept removed from the market place. Just Art. Just Poetry. Just Ideas. An Autonomous Zone, Shared.

The 6th Edition Dedication:We began the 6th edition with a dedication to the works and lives of Cynthia Palmer and Michael Horowitz.  We chose Cynthia & Michael because of their long time efforts in recording, archiving and publishing the her/histories of the emerging cultural streams.  From their work with the Fritz Ludlow Memorial Library, to Michael’s archiving of Tim Leary’s papers from the 60’s onward, to the various publications they wrote or edited from Moksha : Aldous Huxley’s Classic Writings on Psychedelics and the Visionary ExperienceBy Aldous Huxley, to Sisters of the Extreme: Women Writing on the Drug Experience, Including Charlotte Bronte, Louisa May Alcott, Anais Nin, Maya Angelou, Billie Holiday, Nina Hagen, Carrie Fisher, and Others, and many other endeavors along the way. This is our way of recognizing all of the work and time they have dedicated to the future.

The 6th Edition Contents:
From an in-depth interview with Jim Fadiman conducted by Diane Darling… to the internationally recognized Poetry & Aphorisms of Yahia Lababidi, this is the most adventurous edition of The Invisible College yet. We have great art, from sculptural works of Chuck St. John, the collage works of Jim Harter, to the elegant beauty of Oleg Korolev’s oil paintings. Poet Bryce Milligan graces our pages with his epic poem “Alms For Oblivion”, whilst Delvin Solkinson brings us an overview of visionary art around the world with his “World Medicine” article. We visit again with LyterPhotos with the latest installment of The Serpent & The Light: “Aesclepian Staves To Dionysian Raves”. Last but not least, Coleman Barks superb interpretations in “Epilogue: A Visitation With Rumi”. We have the reviews, and also additional art of Gwyllm Llwydd to round out this edition. We hope you like it!

Information on our contributors:


Yahia Lababidi – Poetry Of The Heart
Yahia Lababidi, born 1973, is an internationally published writer of Egyptian – Lebanese origin. His first book Signposts to Elsewhere (2006) received generous reviews from writers in the USA and throughout the Middle East. In 2007, his work was included in an encyclopedia of the World’s Great Aphorists, by former editor for TIME magazine (Europe) & author James Geary.

Meantime, Lababidi’s essays and poems have appeared in journals world-wide, including: Leviathan: Melville Studies (USA), Cimarron Review (USA), Ruminate (USA), Haight Ashbury Review (USA), Mizna: Arab American Literature (USA), Idler (UK), Dream Catcher (UK), Arena (Australia), Montreal Serai (Canada), Bidoun: Middle East Arts and Culture, as well as online literary projects such as MAG and The Other Voices International project.

Bryce Milligan – Alms For Oblivion
Born in Dallas, Texas, Bryce Milligan has lived in San Antonio since 1977. Among other things, he has been a folksinger/songwriter, a maker of guitars, drums and dulcimers, a carpenter, a rare book bibliographer and appraiser, a college English and creative writing instructor, a poet-in-the-schools, director of the country’s only 4-year high school creative writing program,. an arts administrator, a book and magazine editor, a book designer, and a publisher. As a writer, he has been a newspaper columnist, a freelance journalist, a scholar, a novelist, a poet, a playwright, and an essayist. It has been an interesting life!

Rumi – Translated by Coleman Barks
Jalalud’din Rumi, The Thirteenth-Century Persian lawyer-divine and Sufi, widely considered literature’s greatest mystical poets, understood very well the uncontrollable and idiosyncratic impact of poetry. Yet one wonders if even he, for all his intuitive grasp of language, humanity and the cosmos foresaw the deep and diverse influence his own work would have on readers throughout the world seven centuries after his death-or the myriad meanings enthusiasts would draw from his sprawling and contradictory poems. (from the Rumi Wiki)… Beautifully translated by Coleman Barks, who has given The Invisible College kind permission to publish his translations of Rumi’s works.

Jim Fadiman Interviewed by Diane Darling
Jim Fadiman is a prominent figure in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology. He has a B.A. in Social Relations from Harvard and both an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Psychology from Stanford University. He has been involved in teaching and facilitating creative problem-solving with and without psychedelics for more than three decades.

His experience ranges from early experimentation with Ram Dass and Tim Leary at Harvard to government-sanctioned legal research with Myron Stolaroff and Willis Harman at Stanford. He was a Research Associate with the International Foundation for Advanced Study in the late 1960s and later served as president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences. In 1975 with Robert Frager, he co-founded the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. He has recently written a guidebook, The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide: Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred Journeys. (from Erowid)

Diane Darling has lived many lifetimes and performed countless acts of Love and Magick.
Diane was the long standing editor of the late lamented “Green Egg Magazine”, co-edited Ralph Metzner’s Sacred Mushroom of Visions – Teonanácatl, and is a  cherished member -contributor of “The Invisible College”.

Among the many different publications she has also been published in Hightimes, and is  the founder of the SheShaman’s Conferences which she incidentally put together in her spare time…

LyterPhotos: Serpent & The Light Part 4
Lyter Photos is a pseudonym roughly translated as “Releaser Of Light.
He resides in the deep North West, composing music derived from the humming of the interstellar orbs, whilst studying the Hermetic Arts and obsessing over consciousness and the number of beings within…

Delvin Solkinson: World Medicine: Visionary Art In The Global Culture
Delvin is a permaculture designer and plant-path poet from the mossy dankness of the elphinstone rainforest on the West coast of elvish Canadia. interested in metalinguistics, ritual awareness, intentional culture, planetary healing, and mythic avatar creation dynamics. delvin works as a gardener and book store curator while traveling doing outreach giving polymedia presentations on visionary culture.

Oleg Korolev – Paintings Of The Spirit
Oleg Korolev (Born 1968.) In 1979 studied in the Studio of the Classical Drawing ( Vilnius, Lithuania) In 1981 in the Art Studio and in the Art School ( Evpatoria, The Crimea ) From 1984 to 1990 studied and graduated from the Crimean Art College (Simferopol)

“A Transcedental part of a human nature always looks for her own Eternal source and has inevitable doubts regarding to the visible reality. The conditionally perceived illusionary surrounding requires an examination and an overcomeing… Surrealism through an inner absurd and paradoxes destroys the trust to the reality , it is an aesthetic game of human consciousness with a nostalgia about spiritual everlasting liberty…”

Jim Harter – Exploring The Sacred Through Collage
Collage artist and painter Jim Harter has wandered the world in search of enlightenment and images. He is an “image archivist,” a self-defined profession which has produced fifteen major collections of engravings and rotogravures from the seventeenth through the early twentieth centuries for Dover and several other publishers. Jim has worked as a freelance illustrator for many magazines, book publishers, and newspapers, ranging from the Berkeley Barb to the New York Times.  His “American Railroads of the Nineteenth Century” was included by the “A List” as one of the exceptional books of 1998. His work has been cited in John and Joan Digby’s The Collage Handbook (Thames & Hudson, 1985), in Psychology Today, and elsewhere. His most recent collection of his collages is “Initiations in the Abyss: A Surrealist Apocalypse” (Wings Press, 2002). The illustrations in Alms for Oblivion are collaborations between Harter and the author.

Chuck St. John – Sculptural Manipulations
Chuck has been living and working with glass in British Columbia, Canada for more than twenty-five years. He has developed a variety of techniques for fabricating artwork in glass and metals that reflect his own style and sensibility. Using traditional methods of leaded stained glass as well as contemporary kiln-fired glass and tempered  safety glass, he is able to achieve a variety of effects and produce work that suits the particular location..

With designs ranging from representational wildlife of the rugged B.C. interior to the abstract and kinetic light effects of beveled glass and kiln-fired stained glass in his non-representational work, Chuck explores the potential of light and glass to effect the mental and physical environment. Outdoor garden sculptures are stretching his capabilities with cast stone, metal and glass and allowing the natural elements to contribute their seasonal weather effects.

Gwyllm Llwydd – Collages & Layout
Our publisher & editor is also an artist, which is pretty much why The Invisible College is what it is. His original inspiration for collage work was Wilfred Sätty, who was of course a student of Max Ernst’s techniques.   Some of his earliest artistic influences were Illuminated Manuscripts, Aubrey Beardsley, M.C. Escher, Ernst Fuchs and Mati Klarwein, various Codex’s of Mayan & Aztec origin, and of course, the pursuit of the perfect Mandala.

1-The Golden Road

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